Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sharepoint 2010 Enabling "Target Audience" programmatically for Sharepoint List

In this blog i have tried and explained how enable the "Target Audience" using C# for a list. But first I will show you how to enable manually.

Why do we have to enable "Target Audience" field?

To filter the data using audience in Content Query Web Part we have to enable this feature.


  1. Go to Sharepoint Site
  2. Site Actions > View All Site Content
  3. Select the SharePoint List you want to enable target audience.
  4. List Settings > Audience targeting settings
  5. Select the check box and save.
  6. This will add a field name "Target Audience" in the list.
  7. You can now give Item level target audience.


  1. In the event receiver where you are creating a Sharepoint List.
  2. Just use the code given below.
    #region Enable Target Audience
    XmlElement _fldElement = new XmlDocument().CreateElement("Field");
    _fldElement.SetAttribute("ID", "{61cbb965-1e04-4273-b658-eedaa662f48d}");
    _fldElement.SetAttribute("Type", "TargetTo");
    _fldElement.SetAttribute("Name", "Target_x0020_Audiences");
    _fldElement.SetAttribute("StaticName", "Target_x0020_Audiences");
    _fldElement.SetAttribute("DisplayName", "Target Audiences");
    _fldElement.SetAttribute("Required", "FALSE");
  3. That should be it. See to the list if that column is there!

Thank you and hoping the blog helped you.

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